PCM's color LCD - industry-leading Tech

Four main axes, greatly enhancing user experience

We introduce you POWERCOM's "Color LCD Panel" technology. This LCD screen is used in SRT, SPR, SPT, KRM 2U models, making the information presented more clearly, The panel is developed based on four main axes : Lively Icons, Auto-Rotating Screen, Layout Optimization, and Color Screen. The following is detailed description :

  • Auto-Rotating Screen
  • Unlike some UPS screens that require the entire panel to be removed for adjustment when placed horizontally or vertically, the LCD Panel detects the direction of gravity and automatically rotates the screen's icon. It saves operating process and reduce mistake happened. In the case of the SRT series, the auto-rotating LCD screen allows for placing upright in a home environment, or placing horizontally in an industrial rack. The icons on the screen, such as output, silent mode, etc., are arranged in a reasonable way which direction in both vertical or upright. It makes viewers easier to find information.

  • Lively Icons
  • Use daily icons to present UPS information, making it easier for users to learn. For example, an icon of a person carrying a heavy object climbing a slope is used to display equipment "load" information. The steeper the slope, the greater the load. Compared with using the text "LOAD", users will be more intuitive in understanding when looking at the icon. Because the information is clear, the time for users to find information is shortened, and less likely to press the wrong button.

  • Layout Optimization
  • There are three main sections on the panel. When viewed horizontally, from left to right are battery icons, numbers, and load icons. The main icons occupy most of the screen space, and the small icons are distributed beside the main icon. The information layering allows users to see important information immediately. The biggest advantage of this design is to save the panel space, e.g., the numbers are in overlapping positions, which significantly reduces the size of the screen. Plus, enlarging numbers display is in line with modern UI design.

  • Color Screen
  • "Colorful" is a major feature of this LCD screen. It is visually more vivid and clearer. There are three colors on the screen : yellow, white, and green. Yellow is more eye-catching and is used to display reminder information (load information), green is milder and is used to display battery information, and the rest of the digital information is displayed in white, against a black background, it looks very clear, making the user experience much better.

This LCD Panel can be customized to fit your model. If you are interested, please contact the company email : pcm.market@upspowercom.com

Date Oct. 8, 2020