Ups FAQs


UPS are not necessary but basic tool for technical worker. UPS provides power protection when emergency power situation accrue and avoid losing critical technic assets.

By ways of USB, RS232, or SNMP, the ups monitoring software 'upsmon' can help you to monitor and control the ups.

Click on “Self-test” on UPS software management – UPSMON, model will start on self-testing process. Another way to run self-test on model is to remove socket on wall. Actual situation are based on different model, please ensure from manual before action.

Battery disposal channel are need to follow local regulation. UPS case disposition are based on normal electronic device recycling channel.

Yes, ensure UPSMON are connected with UPS and download “POWERCOM UPSMON” APP for UPS monitoring system.

Power failure is just one kind of electronic problems. UPS can solve other electronic situation, for example, voltage fluctuation, surge protection, overload protection.

UPS must storage in dustless area and avoid extreme temperature & humidity environment. Please ensure no flammable substance such as gas or fame present in UPS storage area.