U.S. Texas snowstorm emphasized the importance of UPS

ONL II 3 phase UPS is the best choice for industrial environments

On February 15th, Texas was hit by a snowstorm. The immediate freezing caused severe damage to the power system, more than 4 million households tremble without electricity. And not only households are affected, but the factory has also shut down due to large-scale power outages and curtailments in Texas, which seriously affects production capacity. According to a CITIC CLSA survey, the factories of major automotive chip manufacturers in Texas, such as Samsung, NXP, and Infineon, are unable to produce due to power outages, affecting 20% of the global automotive chip supply chain and leading to more severe shortages. In addition, according to a CNN report, the power outage also interrupted the production of Ford, General Motors, Toyota and other auto companies in Texas. For example, Ford expects to lose 10% to 20% of its planned first quarter production.

Even in the warm south of the United States, snowstorms may still occur. Although Texas has a booming electricity industry, when the natural disaster occurs, the importance of stable power supply to the manufacturer’s plant is emphasized. Any sudden power failures may damage the sophisticated automation equipment in the factory. It not only affects the production capacity, but also cause huge financial losses to the company. Therefore, it is very important to have an uninterruptible power supply in the automated factory, as it reduces the risk of natural disasters disrupting production line operations. POWERCOM's ONL II 3 phase uninterruptible power supply is suitable for the factory environment. When the power failures, the ONL II 3 phase UPS can immediately provide high-quality power and protect the precision equipment from damage, and allow the factory operators have enough time to deal with the problem.

Features of ONL II 3 phase UPS:

    1. Dry contact design is suitable for any industrial environment 

    2. The isolation transformer accepts a large voltage input range

    3. Advanced IGBT improve operating efficiency 

    4. Using digital signal processor 

    5. The inverter has the ability to withstand the overload

    6. LCD color touch screen for easy operation and management

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Date Mar. 15, 2021