The booming cloud drives demand of UPS

POWERCOM MRT is specially designed for cloud servers and precision equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic is a double-edged sword. It brings us a lot of inconvenience. On the other hand, it promotes the development of certain industries. For example, people must work or study remotely during a pandemic. And enterprises, governments and individuals use cloud services more frequently, which has led to a substantial increase in demand for cloud services.

According to Canalys' latest survey, the global cloud infrastructure market had grown by 33% in 2020, reaching 36.5 billion USD. In addition, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud had double-digit growth rates for cloud services, and only Amazon AWS would account for one-third of all cloud infrastructures spending in 2020.

On the other hand, we are in an era when global network coverage and smart phone users have greatly increased; huge data is uploaded and downloaded every millisecond. For cloud service providers, it is very important to maintain a stable and uninterrupted power supply for their server rooms. Power failures such as lightning strikes, overloads, or short circuits may cause disastrous consequences and affect the daily lives of many people.

Because UPS can reduce the risk of various natural and man-made disasters that may disrupt the cloud services, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba have deployed UPS to protect their servers and complex equipment in different countries.

The cloud infrastructure market is expected to grow, and as the demand for stable power from cloud service providers continues to increase, the potential for high-end uninterruptible power supplies will continue to develop in the near future.

POWERCOM's MACAN Rack & Tower (MRT) is an online UPS specially designed for server room environment. In the event of power failures, MRT UPS can provide high-quality power immediately and protect precision equipment from damage. Also, the operation of the server room can be kept stable by MRT UPS.

Functions of MRT UPS:

    1. Output High quality and stable pure sine wave with power factor of 1.0

    2. Six-stage variable speed fan inside can reduce noise and save energy

    3. Hot-swappable battery design ensures uninterrupted power supply

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Date Feb. 05, 2021