U.S. hurricane emphasized importance of UPS

SPD-U-Spider UPS can protect your household equipment

According to CNN Weather News, Hurricane Zeta landed on the coast of Louisiana at the end of October with wind speeds of 110 miles per hour. When it swept the South, it caused severe power outages in multiple states. It is estimated that by October 29, more than 1.7 million households had no electricity.

The American public has a stable power supply, they usually do not need UPS, but when natural disasters occur, the importance of uninterruptible power supply is emphasized. Because UPS products can continue to supply power to equipment in emergency situations, users will have response time.

Especially for COVID-19, most people need to work from home. Sudden power failure may cause important documents to fail to be archived, which is a waste of work. Therefore, it is very important to install UPS at home to provide more protection. The family will have enough time to archive documents, back up system files and shut down computers or other electronic devices normally.

POWERCOM’s SPD-U-Spider is a UPS suitable for home use. It is small in size, equipped with eight slots, and can use multiple devices at the same time. After cutting off the power, SPD-U-Spider will immediately supply power to the connected equipment. In addition, it can protect electronic equipment from surge, short circuit and overload damage.

SPD-U-Spider UPS sockets can be customized to suit different socket types in different countries and regions. Welcome to inquire: pcm.market@upspowercom.com

Date Dec. 28, 2020