Born for extreme environments - TC UPS

PCM create 3KVA TC In response to the 5G trend

Imagine that your equipment is an outdoor base station, which is exposed to the hot sun over 40?XC for a long period of time. Or your equipment is a mountain railway monitoring machine, where the temperature in winter is often below 0?XC. In this harsh environment, the temperature tolerance range of the UPS connected to it is very important.

For general UPS, extreme high or low temperature will undoubtedly cause fatal damage, but POWERCOM's TC UPS can break through the temperature tolerance range of general UPS (0 ~ 40°C) and adapt to the temperature -37 ~ 74°C. TC provides stable power under such harsh conditions. TC is an outdoor UPS, suitable for outdoor observation stations, outdoor base stations, traffic signal centers, and environmental monitoring stations.

To keep up with the development of 5G, POWERCOM expanded the capacity of the TC to 3KVA to satisfy the huge power demand of 5G base stations. The component of 3K model are more durable than 2K and 2.5K, POWERCOM upgraded the TC to meet the needs of 5G base station construction.

TC has Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR) function, which converts unstable voltage into safe and stable power for electronic equipment. TC adopts a programmed dry contact design, users can set up the warning notification in certain circumstance, specifically to meet industrial requirements. TC equipped with an LCD screen that displays battery voltage and battery temperature, the system detects battery temperature and automatically adjusts the voltage to extend battery life.

The advanced functions of TC include EMI, RFI filter protection, external battery for long time discharging, smart socket set, and energy saving design. TC has its own SNMP card, with SNMP monitoring network cards, managers can monitor the uninterruptible power system remotely.

TC is built for extreme environments and provides stable protection for your industrial equipment. If you are interested, please contact the company email :

Date Oct. 22, 2020