PCM strengthen automation equipment power

Smart manufacturing takes the lead, POWERCOM provides comprehensive power solutions at TIIAE

Taipei Industrial Automation Exhibition includes the themes of industrial robotics, robotics components, industrial IOT, industrial automation software, machine vision inspection and artificial intelligence(AI). POWERCOM, as a leading manufacturer of UPS, showcased power solutions in the Industrial Exhibition, strengthen the power of digital transformation equipment and avoid unstable power supply problems.

With the COVID-19 hitting global industries, many companies considering transform into digital factory manufacturer, because the true smart factory lead to better positioning in market by greater ability to predict the change in facility.

The solid infrastructure ensures smart factory running reliably on data transmit, system control and device adjustment in real time. The application widely covered on datacenter, 5G station, semiconductor and panel technology. POWERCOM's product monitors power condition and ensures high quality input for connected equipment. When power failure, instant power backup is provided to the equipment, which avoids damage to the important equipment.

POWERCOM "MRT" UPS designed for automated equipment.

Applicable Environment : Medium-sized workstations, Server rooms, Offices, Industrial environments.

Applicable Equipment : Automated equipment, Telecommunication equipment, Transportation equipment, Cloud storage systems.

MRT has the gravity-detecting, auto-rotating LCD features. With a flexible rack design, it can be placed upright or flat in the rack to meet your demand. It also provides high quality stable sinewave with maximum power factor of 1.0 for high precision equipment. Equipped with an auto-adjusting variable speed fan to save power consumption. The MRT series is generator connectable and turns unstable power into stable power for your equipment. MRT is truly a great choice for corporate server rooms!

Date Sep. 10, 2020