PCM TIIAE and offers complete power solution

The product MAC has the highest inquiries

The annual International Industrial Automation Exhibition kicked off in Nangang Exhibition Hall on 8/19. More than 100 automation equipment manufacturers showcase their cutting-edge products and technologies. With the advent of the smart manufacturing era, stable power supply plays an important role in digital factory. As a power integration expert for automated production equipment, POWERCOM certainly won??t be absent.

POWERCOM provide complete power integration solutions for automation equipment, smart plants and other industrial environments to avoid unexpected power problems that cause significant losses in property and equipment. At this automation industry exhibition, POWERCOM has developed corresponding solutions for various environments or equipment.

The UPS exhibited by POWERCOM have received enthusiastic responses from manufacturers. Among them, the most inquired is MAC. This UPS system provides high-quality, high-stability, and high-efficiency power supplies for electronic equipment (the highest power factor 1.0 sine wave current), suitable for power protection of telecommunications, servers and enterprise hardware equipment.

The MAC system provides clean and stable AC power output regardless of the quality of the mains power, comprehensive protection against noise and surges in the mains power supply. MAC seamlessly transfer to backup mode when the power is abnormal, providing complete protection for your precision equipment. With its features of remote monitoring system, power saving and noise reduction, it is easy to understand why this product become the star of the show.

"Power supply issues, to the power supply experts - POWERCOM" POWERCOM has over 30 years of professional R&D and production experiences, our products have passed various certifications in many countries and successfully sales in more than 80 countries around the world. A variety of UPS models are exhibited this time, you can choose the most suitable products according to your needs.

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Date Aug. 21, 2020