POWERCOM respond to COVID-19

POWERCOM continues operation with higher precaution

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused tremendous tragedies throughout the world. Not to mention the global economic damage it does to countless industries and countries.

Despite recent event, POWERCOM maintains consistent operation for your power solution. Our own production line withstands such disruption and continues producing quality solutions; Our outstanding sales and customer service continuously works on client demand and order.

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In response to these concerns and the safety of our employees, we raise the environmental hygiene standard and precaution in our company. We will comply with authority against any related event.

POWERCOM remind you - Maintain good personal hygiene and health is important; Always wash your hand, keep your living area clean and sanitized, avoid staying in crowded or confined space, and seek medical assistance if any related symptom appeared.

Date Apr. 25, 2020