POWERCOM Solutions in MEE Dubai

Professional solutions and great responses

POWERCOM had exhibited our energy-efficient power solutions in Middle East Energy Dubai from 3rd to 5th March. Due to the ongoing coronavirus around the world, several exhibitors had announced that they were not attempting MEE. Sincerely thanks to the Middle East Energy organizer??s outstanding efforts on providing comprehensive protective measures, which complete this important annual event with great success.

Despite recent events, MEE still gathered thousands of professionals and key players in energy infrastructure, solar, IT, and electricity to share the latest and innovative ideas and market trends. It was POWERCOM??s honour to share our professional analysis with everyone. POWERCOM, with over 30 years of experience in the UPS industry, provided on-demand solutions for various attendants. Our representatives had received great responses during the exhibition.

"We acknowledged the massive demand in the Middle East market" Paul Chang, POWERCOM Product & Marketing Manager said. ??Despite recent years of developments, Middle East Region still presets a significant demand for electricity, water and power distribution. Therefore, POWERCOM??s highly efficient UPS can further assist various industries to withstand power shortage.

No doubt UPS is a critical component to maintain consistent operation and Middle East industry development. Middle East Energy Dubai had also brought attention to the ambition that the Middle East is ready to develop its potential of completing the power infrastructure, applying the latest automated production technology and improving land productivity in the undeveloped area. POWERCOM is confident to offer comprehensive solutions and professional assistance into Middle East development.

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Date Apr. 09, 2020