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  • Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Power Uninterrupted during UPS Maintenance

  • Wall / shelf mounting bracket

  • Bypass Switch for Complete Maintain or Removal

  • Auxiliary Output Provided (eg Battery Heater Mats)

  • Terminal Block for Line Power and Loads

  •  Model

    Nominal Voltage
    120 Vac / 30 A
    230 Vac / 10 A
    230 Vac / 16 A
    230 Vac / 30 A
    Voltage Range
    110 - 130 Vac
    199 - 262 Vac
    Transfer Time
    Auto Transfer Switch
    10 ms
    Manual Bypass Switch
    16 ms (Typical) Depend on hand switch speed)

    Main Input
    Terminal Block
    IEC - C14
    IEC - C20
    Terminal Block
    Main Output
    Terminal Block
    IEC - C13 * 12pcs
    IEC - C13 * 8pcs
    IEC - C19 * 1 pcs
    Terminal Block
    IEC - C13 * 8pcs
    Auxiliary Receptacle
    5 - 15 Receptacles
    N / A
    UPS Connection (To UPS I/P)
    Terminal block, Powercord
    Anderson PP45 quick connector
    Terminal block
    UPS Connection (To UPS O/P)

    485 x 130 x 85
    2U Rack Mount

    Bypass Control
    24VDC or 48VDC or N/A
    * Specifications are subject to change without further notice

    * Specifications are for reference, actual information should be based on real product


    POWERCOM ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) allow UPS electronic load to utility power by seamless transfer process. ATS are suitable to apply on data center, telecom system and rack mounting system. POWERCOM ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) allows UPS removal without turning off loads and keep connected equipment operating continuously during routine maintenance such as adding new UPS, replacing battery. ATS allows connection for the normal utility or generator power via selector switch (Option).Auxiliary output can be used to power items such as battery heater mats eliminating the need for additional complex wiring. POWERCOM ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) keeps electronic load providing on connected equipment during routine maintains, is the best choice for data center, telecom system and other rack mounting system.
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